About A.G. Matos

House building was built in 1939. The home and work since 1945. year.
Dom disposed of about 60 protégés at the age of 7 to 18 years.
The subsidiary operates under the Department for small groups of boys 20 to 14 years with poremacajima behavior, which are involved in intensive treatment of.
Numerous extracurricular activities: sports, music – band escape, computer workshops, art activities, etc. It helps in resocialization and education of children.
Quality of life in the home significantly contributes to the involvement of many volunteers.


Creating a highly humane environment for adequate growth and development of children and youths, and continuous work on increasing levels of professionalism, efficiency and expertise.


To ensure the best care for children and youths, and to help make their stay in the home as short as possible.
Taking responsibility for our results and provide the best foundation for the future of children and youths.

Location of the facility

The home is situated in three buildings located in the area of Trešnjevka. It is well connected with all parts of the city and surrounding area. The children have access to a number of primary and secondary schools, medical, sports, cultural and other institutions.
The home is located near the secondary school for children with special needs (Zagorska ulica).