How can I help?

If you wish to help you can:

  • sponsor one of our homes
  • donate equipment, toys, cosmetisc, sweets etc.
  • sponsor our projects and campaigns
  • sponsor a child
  • make your own contribution by volunteering etc.

…Thank you in anticipation!

How to adopt?

Dom has no enforcement powers adoption process, or elections for the adoptive children stay with us.

Prospective adoptive parents should contact the center for social welfare to their place of residence, which will meet to determine whether the conditions for adoption to family law, and on how to write a report.

After that, should send requests to adopt all the social welfare centers in the Croatian Republic, because they exercise choice for an adoptive child and implement the legal adoption process. If you center for social welfare for the chosen adoptive child placed with us, send them to the home to meet with the child.

The role is home to enable them to socialize with children, to acquaint them with the child’s health and psychological and physical status, related to available to them the technical assistance and advice of physicians, psychologists, social workers, pedagogues, etc.

What to donate?

For children you can donate clothes, shoes, toys, school accessories, cosmetics, TV, DVD, VCR and so on.

You can organize summer and winter holidays, excursions, going to the movies, theatre and so on.

You can finance extra therapeutic work with children ( psychotherapy, physical therapy, aromatherapy ect.)

You can make cash donation to our account number: 2390001-1100013767 (Croatian postal bank). You will also need to state what the money is meant for (eg. building maintenance, children’s clothes, equipment etc.) as well as our address: Nazorova 49, 10000 Zagreb.

How to volunteer?

If you want to be a volunteer in Nazorova or affiliates, you should contact each location professional person in charge of working with volunteers, who will introduce you to ways of volunteering and obligations, required documentation, etc.

  • Nazorova: Dragana Miletić, soc.radnica ili Ana Jakolić Musija,pedagog na tel. 4821702 ili 4821703
  • Laduc: Danijela Knjižek, soc.radnica , tel. 3395765
  • A.G.Matos: Đurđa Ćaćić, predstojnica, tel. 3695482
  • I.G.Kovacic: Sandra Hajtok Marić, soc.radnica , tel. 4834536
  • Residental community: Liliana Kalčić Galeković, odgajateljica, 0915225970.