Headmistress note

To whom it may concern,

After almost two years of absence, since 1th October 2013 I am reunited with my children and colleagues, at the beginning of new term as headmistress of Children’s home Zagreb.
During the time I was serving as an assistant of minister of social policy, protecting children, especially those without appropriate parenting care, was the center of my interest and activities. I believe and hope that politic goals set at that period of time will soon prove to be useful in practice.
Concretely, possibilities opened in laws and statutes for development of services for children and children at risk, with numerous problems, which children’s homes, transformed into the centers for children, will address.
That is certainly in the interest and benefit of children, at the satisfaction of their families (biological, foster, adoptive) and for professional and personal development of experts engaged in important job as care for children is.
Returning to my working post, I can pleasurably confirm that level of care for children is very high, what can be thanked to the valuable expert staff and responsible leadership in last period. That my lack of objectivity is not reason for this opinion confirms recent inspection by Ministry of social policy which the institution passed with high grades.
All of that is achieved with encouragement and help of numerous associates, volunteers and donators.
I am hoping they will stay by our side in the years to come.
Kind regards,
Jasna Ćurković Kelava