About community

Residential community makes 7 apartments in the settlements Borovje, Svetice, Knezija and Spansko.

Disposed of 20 proteges at the age of 17 to 20 years after release from children’s homes. Community takes care 1, a few volunteers helping him.

Young people from the community study, completed high school, working, saving and preparing for independent living.

U 2010. godini kroz program stambenih zajednica prošlo je 30-ak djevojaka i mladica

In early 2007. The house got a flat owned by the Spanish (70m2) of the first building societies for the purpose of housing community, housing the Principality was getting donated the house and 5 apartments has been uploaded to the City of Zagreb to use.


Preparing and empowering youths for a safe, quality and creative independent life.


To build an accepted, integrated and successful member of the community.


  • promoting interests of young people in the process of integration in the community
  • empowering and preparing youths for independent living
  • completing and continuing education
  • finding jobs for the youths
  • finding accommodation after they leave the residential community