About Nazorova

Childrens’ home Nazorova was founded in 1886. The building as we know it today was designed by Ignac Fischer and erected in 1914. It provides care for 80 children until the age of six as well as for 15 mothers with children.

60 – 80 children are admitted every year, 30 of which are brought in straight from maternity hospitals.
About 70 leave our institution yearly, of which:

  • 30 are adopted
  • 30 go back to their parents
  • 10 are placed with foster parents
  • up to 5 are sent to specialized institutions

Building in Nazorova waiting for several years to continue building adaptations. Works began in fall 2006. years, stopped in 2007. The lack of resources in the Ministry of Health and Welfare.

Because of the work already started, Mother House wasnt in operation from 2006. At the beginning of the 2010th we have improvised accommodation for 8 pregnant mothers. For this form of care there is great need, and the capacity is always full.


Our mission is to provide every child in our care with conditions and incentives for optimal growth and development, by using a team approach, a set of multidisciplinary services, and appropriate family-oriented care

Our goal is to apply multidisciplinary services, and a team approach, and use the support of external associates to train mothers for responsible parenthood in order to prevent the separation and institutionalization of children.


To contribute to the development of society, one which would be more sensitized and focused on prevention of child abuse and neglect by organizing the Children’s Center, where we utilize a team approach for children from risk families to provide them with a timely, comprehensive, multidisciplinary and efficient service, aimed at creating equal conditions and opportunities for growth, development and recognition, that are available to children from non-risk families.